Monday, December 5, 2016

Weekend and a weird dream

I've become a big fan of the only schedule one thing for the weekend model we are currently running under.  We need our weekend downtime to recharge and recuperate as much as we can from the busy week and Moose & Squirrel.  We can handle more than one thing, but it takes a lot more energy, focus and effort.

This weekend was about the Family Picture for the holiday cards we'll send out soon.  We actually had the appointment for last month but rescheduled because of various reasons.  We probably should have sucked it up and did it that weekend but then something else would have filled this one so it doesn't really matter.  Natasha was wonderful and posed beautifully.  Boris was not as co-operative. 

I've been fighting whatever Virus-Of-the-Week they brought home from daycare so when they went down for nap, so did I.  Which means we didn't put our outside Christmas lights on until nearly dusk.  I did manage to rake the leaves on Saturday and Bag them Sunday just before the snow arrived.  Of course the snow caused most of the remaining leaves to fall from the trees but that's actually a good thing because once the snow melts, I should only have to rake one more time.

I did have a Hall Pass to go to a friend's party.  However, because I was sick, I felt it would be right to bring my virus to a roomful of mostly single people.  Why ruin their fun?  That's what New Year's Eve is for.

Weird dream:  Sometime between 4 and 6 this morning, during the last block of sleep time I managed, I dreamt I was at a wedding reception, talking with my runner friends.  For some reason Sarah Spain was there and at one point I said to her about my running achievements: "I was never great, but I was good."  There was something else which I cannot remember.  I think this got her attention and made her more sympathetic to my never BQing. 

Not sure why virtual friend and Sports Expert is in my dream about weddings and running but perhaps it's my body's way of saying let's not give up just yet.  Speaking of....

The following is not a criticism or indictment, it just is:  When I WFH, I like to go for a run before my work day begins.  I didn't get to do that on Friday because we got off to such a late start and I had a plethora of meetings, plus I was feeling like crap anyway and dealing with a dead car battery.

I'm trying to get 20 more miles in for the year and would really like to just get it over with.  With 25 days left in the year, the only me would have just done 4 5-mile runs.  The latest me might be able to get 5 4-mile runs in, but if I have to do 3 milers, then I need to find 7 days between now and the end of the month.

Bears Bonus:  The Chicago Bears are averaging one win per month, or starting QB.  They also finally kept an opponent out of the end zone for the first time since 2012.  The hapless 49ers did themselves no favors by excessive celebrating in the end zone on a TD that wasn't.  We don't like other teams taunting us in the end zone around here.

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