Sunday, March 5, 2017

Dishwashers, dryers and other appliance bedtime stories

We finally decided to upgrade our dishwasher because, among other things, we were tired of having to prewash every dish before running the dishwasher.
our old GE Prolite that came with the house

The model I wanted would have cost 899.88 and had a rebate for the $150 installation.  I had $350 in rewards cards and Shop-Your-Way had a coupon for $60 off $499 purchase.  They were also waving the sale tax so that would have cost $514.88 including $25 to haul away our old unit.

The model we ended up with was slightly higher.  It was on sale for $1099.99 (down from 1849 allegedly).  It did not come with a rebate for the installation so the $350 plus a coupon for $100 off $999 brought the cost down to $824.99 including $25 to haul away our old unit.  Oh and a $20 hose that would have been included with the Bosch.  


The more expensive model had features that we felt were worth the extra money.  The Kenmore Elite has more jets and a self cleaning filter and heated dry.  

Of course the day we purchased the new dish washer, we came home to find that our dryer had finally died.   Although I was hoping to put it off until the DW was paid off, I went ahead and ordered a new washer and dryer yesterday.




  1. You'll have to share how the new dishwasher performs. We would love to replace ours, for much the same reasons - we don't like having to wash dishes before we put them in the dishwasher.

    1. sorry I missed far so good. It definitely does a better job than the old one, which I realize is a low bar to jump.

      apparently it loads the water first and then shoots it out in the jets thereby creating its own pressure instead of relying on your plumbing pressure.

      As a bonus, this machine can also do half loads (top or bottom rack) for those times when you need to wash some important dishes or pots but cannot wait for the dish washer to fill up.


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