Tuesday, March 7, 2017

House Projects for 2017

Nightingale and I have to make some decisions like if we are staying in our current home, moving to the suburbs, or out of state.  We don't feel a calling to the South where the bulk of her family is, although it would be much cheaper cost of living.  However, I'd be giving up access to the Polish Culture here in Chicago.

We also have to make some decisions about which home repair, improvements we are going to tackle this year.  So I'm gonna catalog a few here.

Front Porch:  The steps are good but the risers need replacing.  On top of the porch roof we have some ornate railings which look cool but also need repair and repainting.  Finally there is the porch ceiling that needs to be stripped and varnished.

Electrical:  we should update the electric from 100 to 200 amps.  We also need to move the power line because it is too close to the deck (some Idiot Previous Owner built the deck without checking or caring about this).  There are also some various light switches that need fixing and we want to replace a couple of ceiling fans with better models.

Back Deck:  The railings need some repairs.  We also would like to build a pergola of some sort to get much needed shade.  I want to clean up the underneath and maybe put in some large stones or something to keep the weeds out.  In a perfect world the IPO would have poured concrete when he built the deck.  Now we will have to wait until and if we ever decide to replace the deck.

Laundry Room Makeover:  since we are getting new appliances, it might be a good time to make the room a little more functional.  At the very least we need better lighting in there.

Garage Epoxy:  this one is for me, but we should both benefit from it.  A clean garage floor and better lighting will improve the use of the garage.

I'm sure there are other items I'm forgetting.  I don't think we can do all of these this year and depending on how long we plan to stay will determine which ones get priority.

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