Monday, April 17, 2017

Quick Catch up

 One of the bad raps that Chicago gets is that we don't get much of a Spring.  We usually get a long, brutal winter followed by a period of melting snow and rain, which then gives way to a humid Summer.  It's really more of a perception than reality stereotype but there is some truth to it.

Two weekends ago was pleasant weather.  I managed to get some thing done around the house including the first level of cleaning out the garage.  It's not nearly at the level I would like it to be but I am able to move around in the workshop section and my work table is clear so there is that. 
 We had a very mild winter but it was still winter and it wasn't always warm enough for me to work outside or in the garage.  A lot of what we do is predicated on weather, free time and whether or not my mom is around.  When she is around, she can distract Moose and Squirrel.  However she often gets in the way especially if Nightingale wants to cull clothes or toys or anything else we want to get rid of.  My mom has a save everything forever hoarder mentality. 

It's a rock and hard place situation.  With her around, we get some help with the kids but she drives us crazy, especially me.  Without her, we are back to man-to-man coverage on the kids and don't have time to work on other things.

This weekend we honored the Easter holiday tradition by going to a home improvement centerto buy supplies for our garden.  IN keeping with tradition, we didn't actually do anything with said supplies.  These will sit in the garage for at least a month until we finally budget some time to get to it.


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