Friday, April 21, 2017

Working from Home Blues

WFH should be a benefit, but lately it has not been all it could be.  Sure, I get to save time on my commute.  Unfortunately, I do not get to take full advantage of the perk because of my mom.

Our house is in much better shape than hers, so much so that she spend a lot more time ours, under the guise of helping with the babies.  A normal person would realize that they get the whole house to themselves Monday through Thursday and respect my wanting privacy and alone time on my WFH day.

Unfortunately, my mom is not a normal person.   my mom doesn't understand the concept of personal space, privacy or alone time because she has an over abundance of these.  It's kinda like explaining the plot of Inception to your Latin.

My mom has the mental and emotional faculty of a teenager.  Through an unfortunate set of circumstances, she never developed the tools and savvy to navigate Life beyond this stage.  In addition to that, she also has a closet full of Bad Decision Jeans which she wears to death.  I keep talking to her like she is an adult capable of understanding complex scenarios and making mature, adult decisions.  Unfortunately,  her brain is not wired correctly to process these directives.

TL/DR:  My mom isn't good at Adulting, in fact she's terrible at it.


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