Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Today's Southern Town Drama

Every Wednesday I have to take Boris to his OT at 8 am.  I've worked out that I need to leave here by 7:50 to comfortably be in the parking lot waiting for the therapist who walks to the car by 8:03 (this is their protocol, although now we can go into the building if we desire).

While I'm doing that, Grandpa Cartwright is taking Natasha to school.  He does this every Wednesday unless we cancel OT or there is some other conflict.  

Today he didn't show up and by the time I realized it, it was really too late to do anything about this potential scenario.  Luckily Nightingale and I talked about this and we decided that if that happens, Natasha comes with us to OT and she goes to school late as well.

Fortunately, my SIL was able to come to the rescue and meet us at OT and take Natasha to school on time so she doesn't have an unexcused tardy on her record (oh the horror).

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