Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Another Post Featured on the ChicagoNow front page

While I strive to take an act like you've been there before attitude, It's always kinda cool when a blog post I wrote gets featured on the ChicagoNow home page.  With the recent revamp of the Chicago Tribune I don't expect to ever be featured in the one slot allocated to ChicagoNow on the online edition again.

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Some of my fellow CN bloggers wonder how to get featured on the ChicagoNow front page so this is as good as any place to jot down what I've found.

  1. Content is still King:  Write something good and make a decent attempt at SEO headline and the Powers-That-Be will feature it.
  2. In Lieu of that, publishing just before 7 in the morning or noon in the afternoon can help catch the PTB attention.
  3. There isn't much activity during the weekend or holidays so that is a good time to post as well.
  4. Ask:  If you really want your post to be featured, I've heard asking will get it done.  Note: use this judiciously of course.
There you have it. 

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