Friday, August 22, 2014

Week 32 and a half Pregnancy update

So we are between Week 32 and Week 33 (Monday will be Week 33).  From here until Week 36 we are still in the NICU Zone, that time where if the babies come early, they will most likely have to spend some time in the neonatal intensive-care unit (NICU).

  • Week 35 is average half twin babies come before, half after.   
  • Week 36 is early but odds are decent that we would avoid NICU.
  • Week 37 is early but odds are even stronger that we would avoid NICU.
  • Week 38 is our target, we make it there we should be good to go.

Anything after it technically risky for twins.  And frankly, Nightingale is ready to have Moose and Squirrel out already.  She cannot move quickly.  She cannot sit for long periods of time. 

She has been having trouble sleeping a lot more lately.  The pattern is usually not sleep well on Monday, not sleep much on Tuesday.  On Wednesday she is irritable but hesitant to take any sleep medication because she wakes up groggy.  On Thursday she might finally give in and take the sleep medication which means she is okay on Friday and catches up on sleep over the weekend and then we repeat the next week.

Last night she seemed to discover that her waking up is related to being hungry.  As soon as she had something to eat last night, she said she fell asleep right away.  Who knew.

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