Tuesday, January 20, 2015

March Madness Half Marathon training has begun

So I signed up for the March Madness Half Marathon which is in Cary Illinois on March 15 (aka the Ides of March).  I did this in spite or perhaps because of my recent decline in running.  I used the Runner's World SmartCoach tool (which use to be free to everyone, now you have to create an account) to create a very easy training program which I've already missed on LR because of BABIES!

This 9 week training program will log me 126 miles including the MH itself.

the March Madness Half Marathon is a tough course.  Locals who are signed up to run Boston usually run it, even if they have to bandit, because it is hilly and usually aligns perfectly with the Boston Marathon training schedule.  The last time I ran it, it kicked my ass.  This was of course 2009 when I didn't know I was running with a torn meniscus in my left knee.  I suppose if things go south with training, I can always give my bib to my cousin.  Otherwise my hope is to simply run this course without stopping and finish in under two hours. 

Look at my Athlinks account, this is what I've done the four times I've apparently run this race

March Madness Half MarathonPaceFinish PlaceFinal Time
March 15, 20098:46 Min/Mi613935741:54:55
March 16, 20087:30 Min/Mi461802021:38:25
March 19, 20067:36 Min/Mi381942181:39:34
March 20, 20057:49 Min/Mi392372871:42:35

I'm not in love with the idea of being married to a training schedule again but it is the best way I know to get in shape for a race and it gives me something to focus on.

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