Friday, April 10, 2015

Scenic Friday around Portage Park

So the twins are a little over six months old now and not quite sleeping through the night.  While we have established, more or less, a routine during the week, our weekends are still a little more ad hoc than we'd like.  Just because the kids napped at 10 and 2 on one Saturday, doesn't mean they will repeat the pattern the following.

One thing that really disrupts our attempt at routine is visitors.  Friends want to come over and see the kids and it's has become a challenge because the point of coming to see the kids is

actually seeing the kids and interacting with them.  So you want visitors to come post-nap so they can play with the kids.

Well at least the visitors do, all I want is for my hands to be free of holding a kid for a few minutes so I can get something done.  No word yet how the kids feel about it but guessing from the smiles at long as you are showering them with attention they are cool with it.

The best visitor is one who treats the visit like 3rd-period French class back in high school.  They show up, play with the kid for 40 minutes and then splits so I can get back to routine.  Because while we love the social interaction with another adult human being who isn't a blood relative, we still have stuff to get done.

At least now that the weather is warmer, taking the kids out for a stroller ride is an option.  This is huge because while I'm taking them around the neighborhood, Nightingale can get stuff that requires using two hands and some rudimentary level of concentration done.

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