Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Is It REALLY worth that much effort

When I drop Moose and Squirrel off to daycare, I notice the other parents dropping off their kids.

They'd run us over for that spot

Everyone attempts to get the Good Parking Space, the one right in front of the building.  I can understand doing this in the middle of winter when it is the only shoveled spot.  But on an average day when it isn't raining?  People still struggle to back into this spot even if it means holding up traffic for a few minutes because some people just never learned how to parallel park.

Just after I took the photo above, I saw someone struggle to get their vehicle -- don't remember the make but it must have the worst turn radius ever -- into this spot in front of the silver vehicle even though there was (at the moment) a football field worth of space behind the silver car.

This is of course the same type of person who would park equal distance between cars and hog two spaces, or when driving at slow speeds, would still try to keep two or more car lengths between them and other vehicles, thus preventing you from entering the turning lane before your arrow expires.

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