Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Days like these

I should write more posts about raising twins and where we are on that train ride so that I can look back and say "oh remember what life was like with 9 month old" or "remember when Natasha wouldn't let anyone hold her but me and mommy."

Montrose Beach July 5, 2015

My mom has been a big help in many ways, the simplest being an extra set of hands to hold a child so either Nightingale or myself can get something done.  She also does a lot of stuff when we are away at work, like empty the dish washer, fold our laundry, and get the kids cribs back in shape for the next round of toddler wrangling.  and she was even here last weekend so we got some yard work done!

There are some challenges though that do drive me crazy.  For instance, if my mom had her way, she would bundle our kids, especially Boris, in sweaters.  EVERY DAY.  Even when the day's forecast is going to be 80 or higher, a slight morning breeze or chill in the air makes her exclaim "it's cold".

Yes, at 6am it probably is a little cooler but it's still 50 degrees, not 5. It's less than 100 yards from our backdoor to the garage, so even if it's chilly, it won't kill the kids to be in the "elements" for the 60 seconds it takes to get from our back door to the garage and place them in car. 

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