Wednesday, July 29, 2015

So much for sleeping through the night

Our kids are getting up earlier and earlier each morning.  If it isn't one, it's the other.  With a single baby, at an appropriate age, you can ignore it so it learns to sooth itself back to sleep.  Unfortunately, with twins (or two siblings sharing a room) it isn't fair to the sleeping child.

Yesterday Natasha got up just before 5* and I got up to get her.  I rocked her for a little bit but that wasn't enough so I made her a bottle.  Unfortunately she was already up for the day and her brother soon followed.

Today I thought I was smarter and went right to the bottle.  It worked and she went back to sleep.  Unfortunately, brother woke up when I wasn't in the room and he woke up up too.  It was a rough morning.

(*) this is working off sleep deprived memories so it could have been a different night and the time might be slightly different. 

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