Thursday, October 15, 2015

Ranking the Seasons and the Months

Scalzi did this a few weeks ago and invited his readers to chime in.  I figured I'd just do one on my blog instead. First, ranking the seasons.

Autumn has been my favorite season for as long as I can remember. Summer has become a close enough second as I entered adulthood.  Winter was my favorite when I was a kid because snow but once I reached a point where it was more of a inconvenience than a fun thing, it dropped.

Spring has never really appealed to me, probably because we don't get much of one in Chicago.  We get a winter that overstays its welcome, followed by a few weeks of rain and then we usually get a hot, humid summer.

Okay now for my months.  In order (sorta) from best to worst:

  1. October: Halloween. Sweater weather. Foliage.
  2. September: Taste of Polonia, cool weather with hot days.
  3. May: My birthday, Polish Constitution Day.
  4. December: I'll go with the holidays and winter doesn't seem as cold
  5. November:Thanksgiving in the US.
  6. June: summer arrives but many are still in school taking finals
  7. July:Independence Day plus weeks of illegal fireworks.
  8. August: Dog Days lead to May babies
  9. January: It's always dark, cold and boring.
  10. February: Winter's Asshole Month
  11. March: Sometimes Easter ergo I hate it too.
  12. April: I hate this month for many reasons I needn't go into.

Feel free to add your rankings in the comments.

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