Monday, October 17, 2016

Enjoying the last of the good outdoor weather

Corn Kernel Sandbox
It's a windy 80 degree day in Mid-October.  It will be decent most of this week and weekend but in
just two weeks I expect a cold, rainy Halloween because, Chicago.

Over the weekend we went to a pumpkin patch and met Katness and her crew.  Her SIL was also there with her kids, who are a little older than ours. It turned out to be a good time with two caveats.  First, our kids did not get a good nap on the ride there, so I knew it would be a matter of time before meltdown.  and two, they didn't warm up to the new surrounds right away so it took a little time before they got into everything.

The overall consensus was that it wasn't that great of a pumpkin patch as far as amenities but the price was right for what we got.  

We did install a backup car seat in my car so now we can divide and conquer errands, which is a good thing because sometimes we have to go to one too many places for our kids to put up with before they get cranky.  We also turned the car seats around in the minivan so Moose and Squirrel can see what's going on.

Boris and I went to Lowe's and returned the big gallon of Flex-Seal and got a smaller one so I can hopefully work on that project when there are two consecutive days of no rain.  Natasha got to go with Nightingale to the super market and buy groceries.  Boris got the better end of the deal but Natasha made the best of it.

I'm thinking this weekend is when I put the lawn furniture and all the toys away.  I think we need to purge some of the toys or at least put them into storage or else we will have toys all over the place.  We are supposed to have an extra cold and snowy winter so that means we will be stuck in the house.  Not sure what to do about that, though I am looking into re-arranging the attic and even the basement spaces so there are at least change-of-pace options.

This morning I weighed 212 lbs., which is a little less than a week ago.  I want to see what 5 days of exercise and good eating will do since running on weekends "costs" too much these days.  I'm thinking I’ll finish out October with some runs if I can work it in and then the rest of the year is swim, swim, swim.

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