Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekend, Windows and Doors

This weekend wasn't quite as serene as our sans grandma-nanny ones usually are.  I think it is because our kids only went to daycare 2/5 of the week and missing anymore than a day from Daycare leaves them a bit on the feral side.  Plus they were still recovering from their respective viruses.  Boris was getting over his but Natasha seems to have caught it.  She seems to have a stronger immune system than he; a virus knocks him out yet it only inconveniences her. 

I got a few minor things done around the house but not nearly on the scale that I would have liked. 
Last week I had ordered a replacement part for our Andersen Window but unfortunately it was the wrong one.  In the effort to return it and get the correct one I have now learned more about Casement style windows than I ever wanted.  Two takeaways from the call to Andersen windows customer service:
  • they have a customer service and it is indeed a robust one
  • apparently it is illegal for them to ship on any day but Tuesday as well*

*Someday I will have to write all the gory details about the Storm Door Saga.  Suffice it to say we finally got our last door just in time for the cooler weather.  Larson, the door manufacturer, apparently only ships on Mondays and if you are unfortunate enough to have your ready date fall on a holiday (Labor Day for instance) it is against their religion to make an exception and ship it out the next day.  You have to wait a week, just like it says in the Bible.  Never mind that you ordered these in July and through no fault of your own, they were measured incorrectly and this is a make up order.

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