Monday, February 6, 2012

And now for Something a Little Different

This weekend deviated from the normal routine. Nightingale generally works late on Fridays. This will be the status quo until she gets a new job after she passes her boards whenever she gets around to taking them. And most Fridays I simply come home, feed the cats and watch TV.

 This Friday however I stopped by a hospital to visit my uncle who had heart surgery on Tuesday. This meant that I didn’t get home until after 9pm.  Unfortunately, we were supposed to stop feeding our cat (Austin) so that he could fast before a vet visit. Since cats cannot be trusted to fast on their own, this meant being home in order to feed them and then removing the food so that neither could eat after 9pm. 

This still could have worked if Nightingale had come home since this was the first Friday in forever that her shift ended before 8pm, but felt the pull of guilt from her sister (Sister-In-Law to me) moving back to Michigan, so she went over there after work and neither of us was home in time to feed the cats before beginning his fast.  

That wasn't the worst because we could simple reschedule Austin's appointment.  However Maggie, our other cat, needed to have her heart rate checked.  We've been feeding her special medicine which we ran out of Thursday.  Nightingale was supposed to pick up the replacement medicine but forgot on Thursday (her day off) and neither of us could get it Friday.  We thought missing one day wouldn't be the worse thing but the Vet pointed out -- something Nightingale already knew -- that without being on the medication consistently, we cannot accurately determine if the medicine is working or not.

So our vet is mad at us for being the kind of parent that my SIL despises.   And you'd think we'd learn our lesson and rush right out after the vet appointment to get the medication, but nope.  We automatically drove to SIL's house to help them pack the final truckload for their move to Michigan.

Saturday evening Nightingale went out with some of our mutual friends for Girls Night Out.  The spouses of these ladies and I have yet to establish Guys Night Out but we are working toward that end.  In the mean time, one of my Polish Peeps invited me to join him and his crew at Stereo the former Jedynka Niteclub in Little Warsaw

Jedynka, as most Poles still refer to it, was a little kept secret.  A combination of neighborhood dive and Euroclub.  It's a very good thing that I don't speak fluent Polish and didn't discover the club in my younger days.  When my friend has these Euro Nights, they are usually late nights that involve heavy drinking and dancing until we close the place down. 

Since we both had late nights, Sunday was sleep in and diner for late breakfast.  When I was single one of the things I longed for was someone to have breakfast with at a nearby diner while we ignored each other and read the Sunday paper.  Now I'm living the dream. 

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