Monday, February 13, 2012

Prelude of things to come

Not a particularly exciting weekend but a very quick one. Friday night Nightingale worked late so when she got home, we just watched some stuff we DVR'd and went to bed relatively early. We didn't set the alarm though somehow I managed to wake up at 730 for good. I had some energy and started cleaning and organizing the house until Nightingale had the good sense to get me to stop.

Too cold to sit outside today, but in the summer this is probably packed
In the early afternoon, we went to Arlington Heights to watch the Marquette basketball game at Peggy Kinnane's Irish Restaurant and Pub at the invitation of my friend EM. Not a fan of basketball, especially college basketball though I will get involved in March Madness Brackets when given the chance.

Downtown Arlington Heights is actually a nice little blend of modern buildings with quaint old style shops. It’s as if someone took a small town’s historic downtown and transplanted the stores and shops to new buildings. I spent a small amount of time there when I dated the leader of the Polish Happy Hour in 2005 because Kasia lived in AH. I was pleased to see that the Tapas Restaurant we had our first date at was still there. I was also extremely confident that we wouldn’t run into Kasia and if we did, she wouldn’t even remember who I was.

EM was a little upset that her boyfriend didn't arrive until close to the end of the game but he smoothed talked her. After the game, we went to California Pizza Kitchen for some more food and drinks and then headed home. EM decided she will have a South Side Irish Parade party at her apartment since she lives in Evergreen Park.

We came home and watched the Bridesmaids DVD that SHB#2 bought for us. We don't go to movies much and rarely even watch a movie at home. Probably because the subset of time that our schedules actually overlap is so precious that we are doing other things like running errands or Social Maintenance. We also have accumulated so much on the DVR that it is a blessing we don’t have cable.

While we thought Bridesmaids was entertaining enough to watch at home, we are really pleased we didn’t invest in a date night to see it on the big screen. We believe that the movie was hyped as the female version of The Hangover and while it was funny, it never lived up to the hype. We never got to really know any of the lesser bridesmaids well enough to care about them.

On Sunday I went for my first run in a week and then a few open houses. I'll talk more about those tomorrow. The run was good though I didn't test my new shoes because I knew I would either do six miles or no miles and you generally want to start with 3-4 miles the first time you break in a pair of new running shoes. Unless you're my friend Eric who committed the cardinal sin of buying a new pair of shoes at the Marathon Expo and then ran the New York Marathon the next day.

After the open houses we stopped for lunch then got some groceries and invited my mom over for dinner. We ended up watching the two hour season finale? Of Downton Abbey, a show I can take or leave at this point.

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