Monday, February 20, 2012

Minimal Obligation Weekend

This was an unusual weekend in that we spent a large part of it at home.  Doing nothing.  We didn't have to hustle to get anything done before going out for the evening or hurry up and get to the SIL's before the kids go to bed.  The vast majority of the weekend was spent sitting on the sofa, petting the cats and enjoying the lack of obligations.  Nightingale caught up on phone calls and I read my book for book club. I also worked on blog posts and site design.

That's not to say we didn't have anything going on.  On Friday during lunch I went to a nearby Surgical Center and took care of a planters wart that has been on my right foot for ages.  I'll go into that story in more detail later this week as it's not for the feint of heart.  Suffice it to say that the need to stay off my feet meshed well with our lack of over committed weekend.

Friday evening we joined Mr Lumpy and gang for quiz night.  It was a semi-last minute thing as I've put the word out to many friends that I'm usually free on Friday evenings since Nightingale works late.  As it would happen they needed a couple more players for the quiz night at the IAHC.  Like the majority of the quiz teams I've been in, we were one question away from taking home prize money.  After the quiz, we ended up going to a nearby Polish Sports Bar (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) and having some pirogi and non-polish beers.

Also got word that our parking spot would be going away at the end of the month.  Hopefully the remainder of winter is as mild as it has been and parking isn't as big of an issue.  The lack of easy access parking is one of the driving factors that is pushing us to look for a house.

On Saturday we met with a CPA to figure out our taxes.  While we could probably figure them out ourselves, we decided it might be better to pay a professional to do them for us this year and steer us in the right direction for years to come if we both become reluctant landlords in the future.

Saturday night we met some friends for dinner and drinks.  There was some drama beforehand which I'm not aloud to write about.  We met Sabrina and her boyfriend Mr Massage at a new restro called Fountainhead.  I'm using the real name because I'm also going to be brutally honest.  It is a very trendy, hip place with a great beer selection.  I wish I could comment on the food but after waiting over two hours for a table, and being told we were only two groups away from seatingdom, we finally gave up and went to Celtic Crown instead.

The four of us were joined by another mutual friend who came into the city to introduce us to her new fellow. 
Our friend Montana69 was teasing me about moving to the suburbs and I almost said "that will happen when the Pope approves birth control" but held my tongue considering the new guy's belief system. 

It's never any easy position to be in, the new guy who is dating someone and brought to meet her friends. I certainly wasn't going to put him on the defensive right away.  It's important that people who are philosophically at opposites can still be civil to one another and partake in group activities with mutual friends.  Perhaps if our politicans and religious leaders could do the same the divide in this country over certain hot potato items wouldn't be so extreme or at least so vulgar.

Site Design:  very minor but I did get the masthead to stretch across the entire page.  I also bought the domain and set up the redirect in case this blogging thing ever takes off.  It's fun to watch my pagehit increase on google analytics and the adsense $$ roll in when people click on the ads (hint, hint).  However, it does require a lot of work to persuade, coax or even guilt people to visit.

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