Wednesday, July 24, 2013

As it should be

The other night Nightingale and I were out with some new friends.   We were at PitchFork, the restaurant, not the festival, and we accumulated a decent tab.   Silent-Eric only had a sandwich and one, maybe two drinks.   He put in a twenty which was sufficient to cover his part of the bill.

The rest of us agreed to split the rest of the bill evenly.  Somehow I was out in charge of figuring all this out and I had no shame in using my iPhone calculator.   I basically took our bill, multiplied by 1.2, subtracted silent Eddie $20, and divided that by 6.   Yes, I know that the tip should be on the pretax amount but I figured we out our waitress through a little more work than her average table.   

It basically came out to $40 a person (38 really) and everyone peeled off two yuppie food stamps and seemed okay with that.   Since we didn't have much cash, I did the Polish ATM Thing and charge everything to my credit card.  Keeping the cash for ourselves.

Whenever possible I prefer to go with this method (unless I'm the one who only had a sandwich and one drink) because it's easier.  I work on the theory that over the course of a lifetime, there will be times when I'm paying a little too much and there will be times when I'm paying too little and it will all balance out.  There were probably a few times in my poorer past when I put in less than I probably should have and I'm not proud of that. 

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