Thursday, July 11, 2013

It's time to get a new TV

The current TV with the non-TiVo DVR attached
'I've purchased exactly two TVs in my lifetime.  My first TV was donated to me by a co-worker at the BigName Law Firm back in my previous life for my first apartment..  It was a 25" color TV but an older model with dials and it didn't have a remote, to say nothing of being cable ready.  [As I was too cheap to get cable this was a non-issue.]

Two apartments later I decided to actually spend my own money to upgrade to a more modern TV (remote controlled instead of dials).  IIRC, I purchased a 27" RCA animal that had built in TV Guide.  I thought that was wicked cool and allowed me to cancel my newspaper subscription since I only got it for the TV Guide, Comics and coupons anyway.  This TV lasted until the mid-noughties when I it would stop working for short periods time.

That was when I upgraded to the flat screen, but again I was limited to 32" as that is what my armoire will handle.  NG also has a 32" Tv so we have two 32" flat screen TVs that are functional but slightly dated in terms of technology.

No Big TV for me for years to come
I want a Smart TV.  I already have NG's TV connected to an old PC so it really is just the next logical step.  My MO has always been to wait a few iterations of a new technology for everyone to agree on format, platform, and get the kinks worked out.  Then I purchase the best I can afford and make it work for as many years as possible.  Usually by this time I get a good sense of price-point, like in the case of the 27" I bought, I realized it was pretty much as good as 32" but at least $200 cheaper (back in the late 90s $200 was a lot of chicken scratch for me).

And therein lies the challenge.  Because of the flood, I have accumulated a little more credit card debt than I prefer to carry.  It makes it really hard to go out and buy a 50 or 60 inch TV.  However, I would like it in time to watch the first Bears Game (when they still technically have a winning season going) instead of by the Superbowl, when I estimate I'll have this nil-interest card paid off.

I've already had to pass up on a couple of good deals at  Any recommendations? 

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