Friday, June 26, 2015

A couple of things for the win column

I know some people clean out their friends list periodically to purge the people who they haven't seen in years, like the guy from the photography workshop or the work friends from two jobs ago.  Or someone gets pissed off at someone else's politics or yammering or an off comment on status and boom they are history.

I generally don't unfriend people on FB.  I rely on the block-and-hide features of FB to deal with these people.  I have unfriended a few douchebags and people who aren't friends even in the vaguest sense of the word.  I just don't make a big deal about it by talking about it or posting the vague status update "well got rid of that one amirite!"

Someone I used to know sent a friend request the other day.  I've reached the point where I pretty much am friends with everyone I've ever known who is on FB sans the people who have unfriended me (or vice versa) and a handful of people that I have no desire to be friends with. 

As it happens this person and I were friends but she unfriended me in 2010 (it's possible I unfriended her but I doubt it, see above).  It stung a little because I couldn't think of anything I had possibly done and our last interaction was pleasant enough.  I even helped her get a job at the No-Name Software Company and we share so many mutual friends from that place.  In fact, if she were just purging people, why keep some of the more obscure connections from that place?

UpdateIt turns out she had deleted her previous account and started a new one.  I figured this out because I was cleaning out my friends' list and her old account was still there but with no picture when I clicked, FB told me that the account is no longer active or something like that. 

The (re)friending is because, like her, we are now in the Twin Club.
 A friend I use to know from the catholic social circles has left Chicago for presumably more favorable pastures.  She had a going away party that  I could not attend.  but what is impressive is that she did still invite me, I was among the few of our former enclave, that she did invite.

Someone else from the No-Name Software Company also friended me on FB.  This person isn't friends with anyone else there.  so yay me.

There could be lots of reasons for that and I'm probably overthinking it but sometimes you have to take these little occurrences as a note from the universe that you aren't really as bad as some of your former friends make you feel.

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