Monday, June 8, 2015

Perhaps some day

Around the corner from us is this house which I noticed had an unusual bump out for the attic.  I can only imagine they did that one section in order to make an office or small studio one could stand up in.  perhaps the rest of the attic is devoted to HVAC and not worth the expense of dormering. 

When we first moved into our house, the attic functioned as my office, at least until it got too hot up there in the summertime.  It would make an excellent playroom once the kids are a little older except for the fact that there are plenty of ways they could hurt themselves in the hidden alcoves.  I have no idea why whomever finished the attic didn't include flooring all the way to where the roof meets the floor.

To make our attic more functional, dormering it out would be an option.  However, since the access to it is through our master bedroom, perhaps it is better to simply leave it as extra storage.  When we get older we really aren't gonna want to climb up those stairs just to access a kickass master suite and spa bathroom.

It might just make more sense to find another house that has better layout and functionality.  I've really been leaning that route lately.  While I enjoy and prefer living in the city, I do realize that one can get more house and land outside an urban metropolis. 

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