Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Post May wrap up

Previous vehicle had some electrical problems
So a few things happened this last month.  I want to point out that now both Nightingale and I have upgraded our vehicles, we are at least getting better gas mileage.  

Driving 25 miles (one way) out to OBT every week reduces my MPG but with a WFH day and not using it over the weekends, I can usually stretch my gas purchases to about every 10 days on average. 

Nightingale only has a 10 mile commute (slight more when factoring in the drop off at daycare) but her Trail Blazer was sucking gas up at a fill up once a week level too.  Now she is able to go longer between fill ups as well.

It's not game changing of course, but just being able to fill up every other week instead of every week is a relief on our very tight pocket book.

When I bought my wedding ring, the nice Polish lady pointed out that while I could get insurance in case it ever gets lost or stolen, it wasn't worth the investment at the price point I purchased at.  She didn't say that to be unkind.  She sincerely meant that whatever I would pay in premiums and deductibles would essentially pay for a  new ring.

Naturally one gets attached to The Ring that was used in ones wedding ceremony and the thought of replacing it wasn't my favorite idea.  On the other hand, I do believe that a ring is just a symbol and the real magic is in the marriage itself.

Finally, about two years ago, almost to the day (meant to post on the anniversary, but again, Moose and Squirrel), we had a flood here at Casa de Icarus.   There is never a good time to have a flood, especially once you learn that your insurance doesn't cover this particular flavor of water works.  But it came at an especially bad time because I had just made a few extra purchases that caused me to carry a balance on my credit cards.

With a lot of robbing Peter to pay Paul and other creative financing, I technically paid off the flood some time ago.  But I still have had the spectre of credit card balances for the last two years.  I was hoping to write that it has been completely paid off but because I splurge on a birthday gift for myself, it will take another month or so.

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