Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Superheroes, Aliases and whatnot

When I was growing up, it seemed that a superheros secret identity was known only to a trusted few.  If someone new found out the identity, it was an unusual one-off situation, like a special guest star playing the part of Cousin Roy or a former sweet heart who meets a tragic end or they go away.  Sometimes it was contained in the classic amnesia trope.

Nowadays it feels like more people know the secret identity of a superhero (Arrow, Flash, Smallville — maybe it’s a CW thing) than can feasibly be sustainable.

Icarus at Star Wars Anonymous.

Over at Cribchatter, I've met a few people IRL.  We use our real identities in person but in our correspondence we still use the aliases.

The blogger at Star Wars Anonymous  and I are on a real name basis too.  She actually uses her first name on her blog and there might be references to her maiden name.

Over at Chicago Now there are a few bloggers that started out with aliases but have switched to their real name.  The thinking is that people are more likely to engage with a blogger that uses a real name than an alias and empirical evidence seems to support that.

I write under an alias in order to protect my day job in Corporate America.  Now I have no delusions that someone with a pulse and half a brain couldn't figure out my identity.  I certainly haven't taken NSA level safeguards to protect it.  

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